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Top Myths About Real Estate Auctions

Top Myths About Real Estate Auctions

17 Jul, 2017  /  by admin

The real estate market is hot right now. Homes are selling in just a few days and sometimes even in hours! Buying and selling the traditional way is still very popular, but recently real estate auctions have seen a boost in popularity. If you are looking to sell your South Carolina property through a real estate auction, choosing the right partner is critical. There’s no better choice than Brooks Auction Services. Our dedicated team will take care of you every step of the way throughout the auction process. Over the years, certain myths around real estate auctions have come about, and it is time for us to set the record straight!

Your Real Estate Auction Myth busters

There are plenty of misconceptions around real estate auctions, simply because individuals are less familiar with the process in comparison to the traditional sale of a house. Some of the most common myths that we find individuals confused about include:

  • No Way You’ll Get Your Ideal Sale Price – What’s wrong with a little friendly competition? When potential buyers get a chance to go up and bid against each other, the final price often increases. With a real estate auction, you can set a minimum sale price that you would accept. Then, you can sit back and relax as potential buyers continue to rise up that final sale price!
  • Too Difficult to Manage – Even though a real estate auction may be a new concept for you, it is actually quite simple. To top it off, our team at Brooks Auction Services handles all the difficult parts of the auction.
  • No Benefit for the Agent – The truth is that real estate agents can definitely benefit from a relationship with a real estate auction provider. At Brooks Auction Services we have a lot of strong relationships with local agents and help them create more listings and sales throughout the year.
  • Fees are Too Expensive – By partnering with Brooks Auction Services your auction fees will be extremely affordable and fair.
  • Cash is the Only Option – Just with a traditional loan, paying with cash is allowed, however, a traditional home loan is an option with the purchase of a home through a real estate auction as well.
  • Only for Bank Owned Homes – Real estate auctions are commonly used when selling bank-owned properties, but an auction also occurs with commercial properties, residential properties and even luxury homes.


So, if you are looking to sell your South Carolina home and are interested in utilizing a real estate auction, Brooks Auction Services should be your first call. If you need our myth busters to answer any more questions around the real estate auction process, give us a call today at (864) 379-1011 or email.

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