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Why Real Estate Agents Are Turning To Auctions

Why Real Estate Agents Are Turning To Auctions

02 Feb, 2017  /  by admin

Over the last decade, real estate auctions have grown in popularity, offering real estate agents as well as buyers and sellers another viable and potentially lucrative option for closing a real estate deal. Publicity for real estate auctions is wide, offering anyone interested the opportunity to participate in the process. Real estate auctions have many additional benefits to all parties including:

Simple and Fast

Real estate auctions offer a simple and fast way to close a real estate deal, without the lengthy and complicated paperwork generated by a traditional sale, with many potential contingencies. Real estate auction sales can be completed in just a matter of days, with no contingencies and fewer potential headaches.

Certainty of the Sale

When a potential seller puts their house on the market, there is no guarantee that it will sell and certainly no timetable for the sale. You home could sell quickly, or it could sit on the market for months (or even years) without an offer. Selling your home at a real estate auction offers a specific date in which the property is available and if there is no seller reserve, will nearly always be sold at that time.

Shorter Marketing Process

Another complicated issue that sometimes comes up in a traditional sale is competing offers and multiple bids. Buyers want the amount of their offer protected so it can be difficult to negotiate between multiple buyers. With an real estate auction, all bids are public so transparency is built into the process.

Equal Opportunity to Bid

With an real estate auction, bidding is open to everyone, no restrictions, so there are naturally more potential buyers. At times in the traditional real estate market, agents may inadvertently limit potential buyers by focusing marketing efforts to certain groups or areas. Taking away any potential limits can really open the market up for the sale of a property with a real estate auction.

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